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About Tek-Industrial

We are Tek-Industrial, a TekVisions company. For almost three decades we have provided the highest quality touchscreen solutions to the marketplace. Whether for industrial, hospitality, or medical environments, our company has consistently provided innovative touchscreen products while maintaining the quality that has enabled us to create long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Tek-Industrial was launched as a division specifically targeted to the needs of the industrial and automation marketplace. Our industrial-grade touchscreen computers can run MES software, interface from your factory or shop floor to your ERP system, and much more. All our systems run in Windows or Linux, making for easy integration to your existing network.


With our hands-on approach, you get more than a vendor.

You get a long-term partner that will ensure your products work for your business.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our factory partner manufactures our durable products in an ISO 9001 facility. Each product is designed with the needs of the industrial sector in mind. Our fan-less touchscreen computers have IP ratings up to IP69. Tek-Industrial products continue to be manufactured to the highest-quality standards, providing increased reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership for our customers.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the absolute best solution for any industrial touchscreen computer needs in the marketplace.

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With Tek-Industrial, you get more than a vendor — you get a long-term partner.